It is the first 100% Community & Humanitarian Digital Currency issued by a group of investors who are concerned about their neighbor, as well as nature. In addition, with real support in wealth and assets contributed through sales marketing throughout Latin America and the world, external investments, donations using digital platforms and the security of the Blockchain.

Kronobit is a financial exchange tool at the macro, meso and micro economic level, which allows the mobility of resources at any level and the digital transformation of them into their equivalent in any type of currency or cryptocurrency, facilitating commercial and financial transactions for the projects of Medical, Educational, Ecology, Famine, Sports Support for Needy Youth, Ecology, Renewable Resources

The Kronobit ecosystem consists of the website, the decentralized Waves Exchange Wallet, mass payment system and block explorer; It will allow users to acquire goods and services in an economic and financial dynamic executed with ease and comfort, in addition to increasing the commercial incentive with the use of digital currencies.


Kronobit’s issuance was made through the WAVES platform blockchain thanks to its security and rapid expansion.

In total, 140 million tokens were created, of which only 80 million will be in circulation, which consists of 8 decimal places (0.00000001) and will be divided into Qbits as the minimum unit and KNB as the maximum unit. Each founding member of the Kronobit Team has Ten Million Tokens (KNB) which must be in Holding mode until January 2022, thus guaranteeing the stability and healthy development of the project, once any campaign, Specials, contests, etc. 10% of the unused tokens will be burned, thus reducing the amount until reaching only 70 million in circulation and 8 million in the Founders’ Holding, this guarantees medium and long-term stability, all burning of Tokens will be done publicly in the corresponding channels and groups.

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