The KBF-BNB pool has been officially opened in BISWAP

We are pleased to announce that Kronobit Defi Token (KBF) is now available for trading through the KBF-BNB pair, within the Biswap decentralized exchange.

Trade now:

If you want to follow the price quote live, we recommend accessing from this link (at the moment the chart is not available in poocoin)

To guarantee the safety of all our users and investors, we share that the initial liquidity composed of 4.32 BNB and 1,515,900 KBF has been blocked for a period of 4 months within the Deeplock platform, at the end of that period the liquidity will be blocked again for a period of 2 years and transferred to the Kronobit finance swap.

You can check the liquidity lock live here:

Next, we share the Kronobit Defi Token (KBF) purchase / sale rules and the reason for this measure.

The following parameters are covered by the Kronobit Defi Token (KBF) smart contract

The values ​​set for this system were:

Minimum sale: 200,000 KBF *

Maximum sale: 1,000,000 KBF *

*The established values ​​are prone to changes depending on how the price and liquidity of the KBF token evolves.

  • Slippage

5% for purchase and 5% for sale

Why have we decided to take this action?

All the measures were implemented through a smart contract with the main objective of avoiding whales (large investors or groups that have high purchasing power and possession of cryptocurrencies to move the market in their favor).

On the other hand, this measure is aimed at not favoring those people who are only interested in making an X2 quickly and leave the project (a very common practice that is carried out with the exit of a memecoin).

As developers, we cannot allow the investment value of those investors who rely on this project to be hurt by the bad action of a few who bet on fast money regardless of whether the price is depressed or liquidity significantly decreases, we trust that this decision is the correct one to encourage all those who wish to acquire KBF to interact with the Kronobit Finance platform and thus guarantee the sustainability of the Kronobit ecosystem.

Let’s make a little reminder about the characteristics that Kronobit Defi Token (KBF) has

0.5% Reward (this function performs micro burns and distribution to holders with each transaction).

  • 0.7% Buyback Tax (this function makes purchases once the transactions exceed 1 BNB, this contributes to the liquidity of the token being fed back).
  • 1.3% Marketing (this function sends 1.3% of KBF once transactions exceed 1 BNB, this guarantees the implementation of new updates to the platform).

To learn more about the characteristics of KBF you can visit its tokennomics from this link

We invite you to read the KBF Roadmap here

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