Thanks for Support US!

Thanks to all who voted for the price of the Club Atletico San Luis Collection Tokens …. the Winning price is $ 0.50 ……

The minimum sale of the collection tokens is 2, payable only with: TRX, DOGE for the purchase of 10 Kronobits, 60% goes to the club! …..

FOR THE PURCHASE OF 15 TOKENS AT CLUB ATLETICO SAN LUIS, PARTICIPATE FOR: $ 30 in LTC …. just join us at Telegram Kronobit News Group — — — → follow us at Twitter

Contest rules: download the wallet

Make your purchase of tokens directly by sending the TRX, Doges to the following addresses:

Trx — — -> TUJ7CRPMDD93mqsESmwfR9EnTvevp4FwGJ

Doge — — → DCho3Wxdb4Hxt72qApx5wTn4eNGt38akGE

Send your purchase capture to this group and attach your SLP address of the Wallet to send your collection tokens and you are already participating

Promotion valid until February 25!

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