Kronobit Finance Tokenomics & Usefull Information

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KBF Tokenomics:

Total Supply

1,000,000,000 KBF


KBF is a deflationary token with reward for holders and automatic buyback

For each transaction:

· 0.5% automatically goes to reward holders (every time you reward them, you do a micro burn)

· 0.7% is automatically used for repurchase, in turn contributing to liquidity.

· 1.3% goes to marketing and development.

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Initial allocation:

· 5% (50,000,000 KBF) for pre-sale.

* 55% of the funds collected will be used to block initial liquidity in the pools corresponding to KNB and KBF. This liquidity will be blocked for a specified time until

* Once the DEFI is launched, after that period the blocked liquidity will pass to Kronobit Finance and will be blocked for 2 years.

* The remaining 45% will be used to block the initial liquidity of the rest of the pools and to the development / expansion of the Defi (Swap, launch pad for projects, pre-sales system, airdrop, etc.)

* Tokens that are not sold during the pre-sale period will be automatically burned.

· 7% (70,000,000 KBF) will be used for the construction of the Kronobit ecosystem, its blockchain and Kronobit finance. It also includes marketing, promotional activities, liquidity management, airdrop allocation, liquidity contribution to enter new platforms, etc.

This percentage will be unlocked linearly in 9 months, therefore, each month 7,777,777 tokens will be unlocked until the 9 months are completed.

· 8% (80,000,000 KBF) will be used for development and will be unlocked linearly in 20 months.

Each month 4,000,000 tokens will be unlocked until the 20 months are completed.

· 37% (370,000,000 KBF) will be allocated to members of the KBF community.

* 40% can be obtained through commercial mining.

* (this percentage will be blocked until the operation of the swap and the injection of liquidity are unblocked).

* 40% will go to the yield farming section.

* 20% will go to the staking section.

More burning paths will be applied when the functions are launched.

· 43% (430,026,449.07 KBF) are locked for a period of 4 months within the Dex Deeplock platform. You can check the token lock from this link (

o At the end of each four-month period, 5% of the token allocation will be unlocked and burned and the remaining total will be blocked again.

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