Kronobit finance — Roadmap


Swap: Trade in mining, get free KBF on every trade.

Liquidity: Add tokens to the liquidity pool and receive LP tokens.

Seed Farming: Bet your LP chips, win KBF for free.

Staking: Bet tokens to win KBF.
Auto-compunding: Pool KBF-KBF.
Farming: Earn other tokens using your KBF or your KNB.

NFT: Collectibles, Marketplace, etc. Coin, bet and trade using your KBF.
Collectibles and Marketplace.

Launch pad: Projects that wish to be listed will need a certain number of votes from their community.

List of projects with community votes: Each vote will be made with KBF, the more votes that project collects, it will unlock new functions (airdrop, decentralized presale, liquidity lock, etc.)
Airdrop service.
Creation of Bep20 tokens.
Creation of ERC-20 tokens.
Creation of Polygon network tokens.

Decentralized presale service: With the minimum amount of votes collected, projects generate liquidity in KBF, a percentage of the proceeds is automatically unlocked to the decentralized presale balance. In this way, the project will have reached its softcap and it will only be up to them to define what their hardcap will be.
The duration of the pre-sale period will be for a limited time based on the votes obtained by the community.

Liquidity blocking platform.

Membership Proof: Get involved in governance and vote for proposals with KBF. KBF holders will enjoy rewards such as discounts on trading fees and access to more functionality within Kronobit Finance.

Play to earn: use your KBF to play and win in our fun and varied games.

Multi-chain use.

Hold and win: lock your KBF or KNB for a specified period of time and get small, medium and large rewards.

How will these news arrive?

Kronobit Finance will be constantly evolving and updating, each new improvement will be accompanied by a new phase of the platform.

Implementation of:

  • Seed Farming
  • Staking
  • Bird Fury

Implementation of:

  • Swap
  • Liquidity
  • Auto-compounding
  • Farming

Implementation of:

  • Membership Proof
  • Play to earn
  • Holdea and win

Implementation of:

  • Launch pad.
  • List of projects with community votes.
  • Airdrop service.
  • Decentralized pre-sale service.
  • Liquidity blocking platform.

Implementation of:

  • Creation of Bep20 tokens.
  • Creation of ERC-20 tokens.
  • Creation of tokens in the polygon network.
  • Multi-chain use.



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