Get ready because our promotion is already starting! Know all the details

What is this promotion about?

Kronobit brings to you the launch of an NFT collection of 350 images that will be put up for sale for $10 worth of BNB each.

Prizes to be distributed

1st place: 500 usd (Binance gift card)
2nd place: 250 usd (Binance gift card)
3rd place: 100 usd (Binance gift card)
4th-10th place: 25 usd for each (Binance gift card)
11th-30th place: 12 usd for each (Binance gift card)
31st-61st place: 9 usd for each (Binance gift card)

How to take part?

  1. Go to
  2. Connect your wallet by clicking [Connect]
  3. Head over to our NFT gallery by clicking here
  4. Select the NFT of your preference
  5. Click [Buy], sign, accept and wait for the transaction to be confirmed.
  6. Clever! You have purchased your NFT, congratulations.
  7. Fill in the participation form.
  8. Optionally, to double your participation, make a retweet commenting on our post on Twitter with the following text:

Participate for great prizes of up to 500 dollars! in @Kronobit1’s #NFTcontest as I’m already doing, there are only 350 available, hurry up before they run out.

#NFTs #nftart #kronobit $KNB #qbitnetworks #BNBchain #BSCGems #BSC #BSCGem #NFTGiveaway #NFTCollection

Here we show you how you can get the link of your tweet



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