Ahora puede comprar KNB (Kronobit) en vindax / Binance Dex y unirse a nuestra liquidez de Staking Yield Farming impulsada por pancakeswap, unirse a nosotros en el sitio web oficial y ahora aprobado en DappRadar www.kronobit.org

Now you can buy KNB ( Kronobit ) on vindax / Binance Dex, and join to our Staking Yield Farming liquidity powered by pancakeswap, join us at official web site, and now approved on DappRadar www.kronobit.org

Saludos a Todos, nuestro objetivo es seguir creciendo como todo proyecto, por eso necesitamos de sus Votos para entrar a un nuevo Exchange, el cual nos expandiria mas, en el siguiente enlace suscribanse y voten por KNB que esta en el Lugar #8, si ya estas suscrito a dicho exchange por favor no crees multicuentas eso nos perjudica — — — — — — — — → https://www.btcsquare.net/vote

Greetings to all, our goal is to continue growing like any project, that is why we need your Votes to enter a new Exchange, which would expand us more, in the following link subscribe and vote for KNB that is in Place # 8, yes You are already subscribed to said exchange, please do not create multi-accounts that hurts us — — — — — — — — → https://www.btcsquare.net/vote

Join us to our new Staking & Yield farming… . https://youtu.be/15t1UWj5J2U

Vindax List Kronobit

Thanks all of you for Support this Project!

Thanks for Support US!

Thanks to all who voted for the price of the Club Atletico San Luis Collection Tokens …. the Winning price is $ 0.50 ……

The minimum sale of the collection tokens is 2, payable only with: TRX, DOGE for the purchase of 10 Kronobits, 60% goes to the club! …..

FOR THE PURCHASE OF 15 TOKENS AT CLUB ATLETICO SAN LUIS, PARTICIPATE FOR: $ 30 in LTC …. just join us at Telegram Kronobit News Group — — — → https://t.me/kronobitnews follow us at Twitter https://twitter.com/Kronobit1

Contest rules: download the wallet https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bitcoin.mwallet

Make your purchase of…

It is the first 100% Community & Humanitarian Digital Currency issued by a group of investors who are concerned about their neighbor, as well as nature. In addition, with real support in wealth and assets contributed through sales marketing throughout Latin America and the world, external investments, donations using digital platforms and the security of the Blockchain.

Kronobit is a financial exchange tool at the macro, meso and micro economic level, which allows the mobility of resources at any level and the digital transformation of them into their equivalent in any type of currency or cryptocurrency, facilitating commercial and financial…

Quieres ganar $35.00 Btc , $ 10.00 en LTC y 100 Kronobits?
Apoya al Club Atletico San Luis, comprando 20 Kronobit o mas en el exchange Waves, coloca la captura de tu compra en nuestro grupo de Telegram …o envialo a kronobit.coin@gmail.com, toda captura sera verificada…Kronobit Contigo !

Do you want to earn $ 35.00 Btc, $ 10.00 in LTC and 100 Kronobits?
Support the Club Atletico San Luis, buying 20 Kronobit or more in the Waves exchange, place the capture of your purchase in our Telegram group ... or send it to kronobit.coin@gmail.com, all capture will be verified ... Kronobit With you !


You can view and join @Kronobit right away.


Let's support the Club Atletico San Luis, 72 years forging champions, Buy kronobit tokens on the waves exchange at $ 0.04 with LTC to bring them better quality in their sports training, tomorrow one of them can be one of your children .... Kronobit with you!Apoyemos al Club Atletico San Luis, 72 años forjando campeones, Compra tokens kronobit en el exchange waves a $0.04 con LTC para llevarles mejor calidad en su formacion deportiva, mañana uno de ellos puede ser uno de tus hijos.... Kronobit Contigo!

kronobit Qbit

Cryptocurrency Humanitary

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